FEATURE: Sisters in Arms: An All-Female, Spring-Ready Playlist (Vol. XI)




Sisters in Arms

IN THIS PHOTO: Lola Kirke/PHOTO CREDIT: Lili Peper  

An All-Female, Spring-Ready Playlist (Vol. XI)


WITH the weekend here...                                       

 IN THIS PHOTO: Jamila Woods

it is about time to get another female-led playlist up and running! It is another great and colourful rundown that combines female artists from all around the musical landscape. Have a listen to the tracks compiled and I am sure there are a lot of artists in there that are new. It is always awesome discovering fresh talent and something you were not expecting! I am not sure when the weather is going to improve but let’s hope there is something in the way of sunshine a bit later in the weekend! In any case, slap some music on and enjoy the latest instalment of spring-ready songs from some new and promising female artists. It is a promising and eclectic time for music and, I hope, that is reflected here. Sit back and let the songs…



DO their work.

ALL PHOTOS (unless credited otherwise): Getty Images/Artists


Tertia MayTwenty Two

PHOTO CREDIT: Morten Rygaard

Kill JMoon Sick

Lola KirkeOmens

PHOTO CREDIT: Heather Hazzan for Suited

Kelly Lee OwensOmen

Abi F JonesKillswitch Engage

Summer CampLove of My Life

Jamila WoodsMUDDY

Dinah JaneRetrograde

PHOTO CREDIT: @chrisdnm

ShunajiNot Lookin’

Ingrid MichaelsonMissing You

Charly BlissUnder You

LovedayThought It Through


girl in reddead girl in the pool.

Gia WoodsOne Big Party

LAUREL Life Worth Living

Hannah GraceAlmost

The MotionSleep Talk

PHOTO CREDIT: @emi.jjasmin


Amy BakerA Fine Romance

Lola CocaDamaged Goods

PHOTO CREDIT: @bridielouphotography

Katie GrahamBoy 

Emma StevensAtoms


Mara SimpsonKeep You in Light 

ZuzuHow It Feels

Kita AlexanderBetween You & I