FEATURE: Sonic Proof: Volume IV: Sunday, Sunday: Fantastic Artists to Watch




Sonic Proof: Volume IV

IN THIS PHOTO: Pillow Queens/PHOTO CREDIT: @PillowQueeens

Sunday, Sunday: Fantastic Artists to Watch


JUST before returning to work...

 IN THIS PHOTO: Pottery/PHOTO CREDIT: Luke Orlando

for another week, there is still time to get some music in the bones and make the most of the time we have! I have been looking around at the very best and brightest new artists around and put them into another edition of Sonic Proof. There is no telling just who will come through the ranks and strike but it is very clear that, in this playlist, there is some serious clout and quality! From recent participants at The Great Escape down in Brighton through to others emerging in different parts of the world, I am excited and know what is out there. It is hard to get on top of all of it but I shall do my best to get as many playlists up as I can. I will do another instalment next weekend and keep my eyes out but now, just as we are thinking of the new working week, here is a selection of top-notch artists that will get you in a better mood and make the last hours of your Sunday…


PRETTY awesome.