FEATURE: Sonic Proof: Volume V: The Midweek Delight: Fantastic Artists to Watch




Sonic Proof: Volume V


IN THIS PHOTO: Dylan Cartlidge/PHOTO CREDIT: Dylan Cartlidge 

The Midweek Delight: Fantastic Artists to Watch


WE are inching towards the middle of the week...


 IN THIS PHOTO: Lots Holloway/PHOTO CREDIT: Lots Holloway

so it is just as well there is some great music swirling around! I have been interested seeing all the hungry and colourful rising artists emerging. It is a fantastic time for music and one that keeps on breeding some serious quality. If you need to know which artists to follow through the rest of 2019, here is the fifth part of my ‘ones to watch’ feature. Take a look through the selection and I know there will be something in there that grabs your fancy! It is sometimes hard to predict who will make it and where to head for the best of the newcomers. I hope this playlist gives you some guidance and, as I say, I know there will be some tracks in the mix that…


 IN THIS PHOTO: Roses Gabor/PHOTO CREDIT: Roses Gabor

WILL turn the head!