FEATURE: Sonic Proof: Volume VI: Bank Holiday Magic: Fantastic Artists to Watch




Sonic Proof: Volume VI



Bank Holiday Magic: Fantastic Artists to Watch


MOST of us have a precious day off

 IN THIS PHOTO: Pleasure Heads/PHOTO CREDIT: Rosie Sco

so it is a good opportunity to take things easy and spin some tunes. I have been looking through the waves of great young artists coming through and have compiled some here. There is a real blend of music and, whilst a lot of the music is from this year, there are some tracks from 2018 – artists who have something brewing or who I feel are shaping up to become something great. I know you will enjoy something from the playlist and there might be one or two artists that turn the head. Have a listen through and see what you think. The fact we all have to return to work tomorrow is a bummer but, whilst we have this day free, sit back and enjoy these great artists…

 IN THIS PHOTO: Big Joanie/PHOTO CREDIT: Ellie Smith Photography

FILLING your ears.