FEATURE: Sisters in Arms: An All-Female, Summer-Ready Playlist (Vol. VII)




Sisters in Arms



An All-Female, Summer-Ready Playlist (Vol. VII)


THIS is a busy day for me…

 IN THIS PHOTO: Natasha Bedingfield

and, as I go about my way, I need some great music to keep the feet moving and the mind focused. The weather is pretty good today and I think the temperature is at least manageable. Because of that, a lot more people are out and it will be a sunny one. In that spirit, it is time for another summer-ready collection of songs that highlight some of the best female artists coming through. These new tracks are definitely worth a second look and I hope you find something in the pack that tickles your fancy. From more commercial Pop through to something a bit deeper and more varied, there is a nice collection of sounds to get your ears around. On the start of this bright weekend, have a listen to the latest selection of cuts and…

IN THIS PHOTO: Keke Palmer

GET lost in the music.

ALL PHOTOS (unless credited otherwise): Getty Images/Artists


GHUM – Saturn


Teddi GoldCash

foxgluvvDesperately Seeking Susan

Ava MaxFreaking Me Out

PHOTO CREDIT: @heyjinnij

Cross RecordI Release You

Natasha BedingfieldKick It

RayeLove Me Again

Jade ImagineThe News


PHOTO CREDIT: @jazminrenae

Kash DollHere I Go


PHOTO CREDIT: Märta Thisner

Alice BomanThis Is Where It Ends

PHOTO CREDIT: James Loved for Under the Radar

Girl Ray - Show Me More

Little BootsJump

Jessica MauboyJust Like You

Teyana Taylor (ft. King Combs)How You Want It?

Lila GoldBig Sad Eyes

Daniela AndradePolly Pocket


Tori Kelly2 Places


Snoh AalegraSituationship

Lindsey StirlingThe Underground

Bre KennedyJealous of Birds

Keke PalmerTwerk N Flirt

Hannah TrigwellWe’re All Gonna Die


Sharna Bass4:30am


PHOTO CREDIT: Sorrel Higgins Photography

Lucy WhittakerTouch