FEATURE: A Legend from New Jersey: The Boss at Seventy: The Ultimate Bruce Springsteen Playlist



A Legend from New Jersey


PHOTO CREDIT: Bruce Springsteen 

The Boss at Seventy: The Ultimate Bruce Springsteen Playlist


THE world will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary…

 PHOTO CREDIT: Bruce Springsteen

of The Beatles’ Abbey Road on Thursday (26th September). Whilst we all come together to mark an iconic album, it is worth remembering that, a few days before (on Monday), it will be Bruce Springsteen’s seventieth birthday. I think all of us have some exposure to The Boss and his music. I have not heard all of his latest album, Western Stars, but I was brought up on his classic records. Born to Run (1975) and Born in the U.S.A. (1984) are stone-cold classics and albums that anyone can listen to at any time and connect with. Springsteen is an artist who, since his 1973 debut, Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J., has inspired generations. He is one of the greatest artists who has ever lived and, as he turns seventy, I think he deserves a lot of love and acclaim. Many will be revisiting his best albums, but I thought I would try and put together a seventy-song playlist that is ‘ultimate Springsteen’: a selection of his greatest cuts that show what a master he is. The Boss’ music is, apparently, pretty risky when you are driving - such is the thrill you get from it! Springsteen has inspired so many artists and some of our favourite groups owe him a debt. To pay tribute to a true music legend, here is a seventy-song playlist that shows why…  

THE Boss is truly the boss!