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I hardly need an excuse to catch up with my favourite Australian band…

The Updraft Imperative. I know the guys have experienced changes and upheaval this last year- finding a new drummer; fighting to get music made- but are starting to settle and look to the future. Chair (the band’s debut album) marked the group as a serious proposition to watch. With rumours of a new album- the single, Pieces of My Past being a tantilising appetiser- I was eager to chat with the guys. With Danny in their ranks- the new man behind the drum kit- the boys are galvanised and ready for the coming months. They talk about the passing of David Bowie and Prince; the music scene around Brisbane (where they are based)- what it was like meeting their manager (Di Sherwood) for the first time…


Hey, guys. How has the week been? Get up to much?

Danny - Yeah not too bad: busy with life and such. Happy days.

Murray - mate, when your workplace relies heavily on computers to work, and they go offline for 2 full days: that incrementally adds stress you don't need.....aside from that, great!

This year is almost at the half-way mark. What have been the highlights?

Murray - our epic road trip, as our autumn tour took us all around "Straya", with our very own manager, Di- all the way from Scotland…

Josh - Well, the highlight would have to be our little autumn tour and getting the chance to meet our manager, Di, in person, for the first time.

Danny - The tour in March for sure.

Iain - Yeah, same. The tour in March



How has the passing of legends David Bowie and Prince affected you as musicians? How influential were they to you?

Murray- Honestly not sure who I was most shocked and upset about. They are cosmic giants in the  musical solar system and will forever be referenced and sometimes plain copied (Maroon 5 come to mind).

Iain- Well I was quite shocked at the passing of both Bowie and Prince. I wasn't an overly huge fan of prince, so he hasn't been a major influence on me. But, with Bowie, I quite like a lot of his music including his last album- so he's had some influence on me.

Josh - Talented people come and go. You can just enjoy them while they're here.  I don't think either of them were of any significant influence to me, though.

Danny- Both massive losses to add to an already ridiculously high musician death toll.

Your manager Di. (Sherwood) recently visited Australia. What was it like meeting her for the first time?

Murray- it was like Skype without the delay! Di's done a huge amount for The Updraft Imperative's ministry both here and abroad: it was great to be able to spend some time with her and show her some of Australia.

Josh- It was great!  I think we all got on smashingly. Had a good time and shared lots of laughs.

Danny - Great to finally put a face to the name. Great hangs

Iain- It was great meeting her. Having Di here made the March tour a lot of fun. There was a lot of laughter going on in the car.




Pieces of My Past (the band’s new single) has been gathering a lot of attention- it has spent 11 weeks on Australia’s Hot 25 Countdown. What has that been like?

  Josh - It's been great to have it in the chart for the last number of weeks.  It's good knowing people are connecting with it and happy that the song is reaching people.

Murray - I think it shows that independent bands can show they don't just need to be 'one trick ponies'. But it still takes a whole lot of sweat and tears to get it heard and received well.

Danny - Pretty sweet. Good to see people enjoying it.

Iain - It's been rather smashing

What inspired you to write that song?

Josh - At the time I wrote the lyrics, I was thinking about how life can often be messy.  At times, we can all be a bit judgmental towards others- without taking the time to walk in their shoes.  It's a song about showing a bit of grace to others: just as we have been shown grace.

On the subject of new material: can we expect a new album this year?

Danny - We have been talking about the next album a bit lately, not sure when it'll happen yet. We have been playing a couple newies (sic.) live, though.

Murray - we've been given 'in principle' finance to bring another album to the table, so now all that's left is for all of us to get our heads into 'album' mode; pen a few more songs and book studio time.

You guys are based out of Brisbane. Which locals acts would you recommend people check out?

Murray - Drafts are cool, and Noralyn- who's played with us a few times- also: epic voice, and she monsters all over the piano!

Danny - Far out, so many decent acts. I've done a bit of sound at a venue in Brissie (sic.) over the last year and one band I did that stood out was a group called Toisoc, solid funk/rock sound. Other solid bands include Hobo Magic, Cordeaux, Vaguely Human; The Disgruntled Taxpayers, Drafts, The Barefoot Experience; Homeless Yellow... That's off the top of my head. I could go on for hours, honestly...

Josh - I don't get out much, to be honest...!

Danny is your newest member. How has he fitted into The Updraft Imperative fold?

Danny - Like a square peg in a round hole hahaha

Murray - can't wait to get him and Iain locking in their grooves and beats in the studio-they bring a real solid combo into our sound, so expect certainly a more Rock-infused sound out of us into the future.

Iain - I think he's done marvelously well fitting into the fold

Josh - Danny's a great guy. Love his kicking beats.

Spending so much time on the road: have there been some particularly memorable gigs? Any especially bad ones?

Murray - Forest Edge Music Festival. We were a last-minute lineup squeeze, but made many new friends and together sweated an Olympic swimming pool! All the gigs were different but we were really well received at each one.

Josh - I think the Forest Edge Music Festival gig was the most memorable gig for me: lots of noise, sweat and good feedback.

Danny - Forest Edge Music Festival is my favourite so far. Hasn't really been any shoddy gigs as of yet...

Iain - Definitely the Forest Edge gig back in March was a memorable gig. Can't really remember any bad gigs.

Any chance you fellas will be coming to the U.K. soon?

Josh - No serious plans at this stage...

Danny - ...but never say never

Iain - I think there's chance. It would be good to gig in another country and to experience what their music scene has to offer.

Murray - always a chance. My wife and I are making plans to visit Di around September, so if we can get some other members there also, does that count as a tour?!


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