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MANY are claiming there is a revival of 1980s music happening right now.


This is an assertion backed by the Reading-based trio, L.A.D. The lyric-video for Dance Floor has just been unveiled so I ask Natalie, Jack and Luke about the song and how it came together. They talk about their formation and where their loves of the 1980s’ sounds and sensations stem from. I ask about their influences and what the chemistry is like in the group.

The trio discusses future material and what the music scene is like in Reading; the new artists they recommend we get involved with – and how Natalie, a solo artist before she helped form the trio, has transitioned from lone performance to life with L.A.D.


Hi, guys. How are you? How has your week been?

Hey! Been great, thanks!

Very productive over at L.A.D. We had a writing session at the start of the week; then, a photoshoot on Thursday! 

For those new to your work; can you introduce yourself, please?

We are L.A.D. - and that's Natalie, Jack and Luke. We are a band making 1980s-inspired music and are about to take over the world...standard. 


Tell me about the band-name, ‘L.A.D.’ and the meaning behind that. Do the words ‘Live After Dark’ hold special significance?!

L.A.D can mean whatever you want it to…

It has a meaning to each of us, individually, but we are kinda leaving it up to interpretation. It could mean ‘Luke And Dinosaurs’; ‘Lobsters Are Downstairs’...

...whatever you want!  

How did you all get together? Have you known each other for a while or is L.A.D. a pretty spontaneous creation?

We've known each other a long time just from being from Reading and going to house parties (and messy nights at the Purple Turtle!). We've written together for the past eighteen months just to stay creative - and L.A.D just developed naturally! 

Dance Floor is the new single. Can you tell me about its origins and how it felt hearing it back from the first time?

Well...doesn't everyone just love those timeless tunes from the 1980s that just makes you get up and dance; to not care what people think and what you look like?! So, when writing Dance Floor; we tried to capture that!

Then, we fired up the drum machine; put synths on turbo - and threw the ginge in the booth to make silly noises until it created a song!

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An album will follow. What themes and ideas are explored on the record?

Lots of upbeat tunes to get you dancing but, also, some drowning-in-synths sci. fi. moments. Our own version of the 1980s power-ballad is absolutely on the cards!

Your music celebrates the best of the 1980s and the glory of dance! Is it a decade you are all fond of - and what is it about the 1980s that attracts you all?

We were all bought up on 1980s music and it's a decade that has heavily influenced all of us in style, music and fashion! It was just a time where music really pushed boundaries: a decade full of colour and fun - and a lot of leg warmers and big hair! 


It is rare finding artists who marry the 1980s and modern sounds. Do you feel modern music lacks invention and colour?

There's actually a revival of 1980s sounds and music going on which we are very much enjoying!

But, also, there's never been a more diverse time in music than right now! Although we love our genre and are ready to bounce in the gap in the industry; we also have a lot of respect for many artists out there!

End of the day: if you're creating music and embracing your talent, we are fans


Natalie. I have known you (and your music) for a long time. How does it feel transitioning from a solo artist to a trio? What are the main differences?

To be honest, the main difference is the amount of sarcasm and rude jokes I hear on a daily basis! Joking aside; after writing with these guys for over eighteen months and, after releasing Live in Love, it just felt like a natural transition. We all have a really good giggle during sessions/gigs and I love working with them both.

It's also great to have two other people's opinions and be able to bounce ideas off each other! 

What is an area like Reading like for a new act? Do you rely a lot on London and its venues – or is there an active local scene?

Reading is a great place for acts starting up.

We have a lot of local music venues/events that really support local bands. We also have a strong BBC introducing presence – and, of course...the amazing Reading Festival



Which new artists do you recommend we check out?

Well…apart from L.A.D?!

Tiny Giant; NINA and The Romances are great new artists!



What tour dates do you have coming up? Where can we see you play?

Well. Currently, we're focused on working on the album; perfecting things and (just) making music.

There are a lot of announcements coming soon in regards to gigs...

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If you each had to select the one album that means the most to you; which would they be and why?

Jack: Whatcha Gonna Do for MeChaka Khan

Amazing combination of musicianship and, at the time, revolutionary synth. work and production. 

Natalie: That's so hard! Either Immaculate by Madonna or Whitney Houston (by Whitney Houston)

Both these albums were massive influences on me growing up - as a singer as well as becoming an artist. I could, literally, listen to both of these albums on-repeat all-day, every day! Both are strong artists who were never afraid to be themselves. 

LukeJustice - Cross

The first fully-Electronic album I ever loved. It really was a game-changer in regards to musical direction! 

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What advice would you give to artists coming through right now? 

It sounds cheesy but (just) make the music you love. Be true to yourselves as artists and, as long as the music is making you happy, then keep doing it!

Never take ‘no’ for an answer! 

Christmas is approaching. Do you all have plans already or will you be busy working?

Working on the ultimate Christmas 1980s classic....obviously. Haha

Finally, and for being good sports; you can each name a song and I’ll play it here (not one of yours as I’ll do that).

Object of My Desire Starpoint

How Will I Know - Whitney Houston 

Peter Gabriel - Big Time (it's a banger)


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