SHE commands a huge fanbase and makes music that…


gets people together and moving. I talk to NATHASSIA about her current single, Light of the World, and whether there will be new material soon. She reveals her musical tastes and how it feels being compared to Kate Bush; what the music scene is like in the Netherlands (where she originally is from) – and when music first came into her life.

I ask Nathassia to name albums that have been influential for her; whether the music industry lacks any real spark – and any other musician she recommends we check out.


Hi, NATHASSIA. How are you? How has your week been?


A bit hectic as I had a live show in Hull!

For those new to your work; can you introduce yourself, please?

I like to transgress borders and mindsets with my music - by infusing traditional World music instruments with electronic sounds.

Can you reveal the story behind your new single, Light of the World

You've probably heard about A.I. and robotics. The song is about our future: when love merges with technology.

The video is quite trippy but features recorded street footage. Can you tell me more about how the video came together and what we are watching?

The street dancing was at Notting Hill Carnival - which was great fun. I chose that because it celebrates multiculturalism.

You self-produced your debut album alongside leading producers. Was it quite a challenging process – or did you learn a lot along the way?

It was actually a very enjoyable process - because I worked with producers I know well.


Will there be more songs coming before next year?

Not this year: I've got a new album coming early-2018.

Your voice has garnered comparisons to the likes of Kate Bush. Is she someone you grew up with? What is it about her that appeals to so many singer-songwriters?

I have a memory, when I was a young child, when I saw the video for Wuthering Heights for the first time and was impressed and mesmerised by the way she was dancing - and loved the way she was singing.

I thought she sounded like a cat! (But I do love cats!)

Netherlands is where you were born. Did the country provide a lot of musical inspiration and what motivated the move to the U.K.?

Because of my mixed background; I grew up listening to classical Indian sounds and exotic South American music - whilst the Netherlands was a hub for Electronic music. I first moved to London for work experience for my studies (International Music Management).

After I completed that, I moved to London permanently to set up a recording studio and work on my album.


Can you tell me how music first came into your life and which artists you grew up listening to?

I did my first show when I was three-years-old with a microphone from an old lorry that my dad brought home for me to play with - singing along to Gloria Estefan, Madonna; Bob Marley, UB40 and classical Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar (and Dutch artist Herman Brood).

Your music mixes Electronica and Pop (with other genres). It is fun and energetic. Do you think music lacks a certain spark and sense of fun right now?

Thanks! I don't think current music misses spark and fun - but I do feel that there aren't so many risks taken anymore.



Who are the new artists you suggest we check out?

Lost Horizons, San Holo and Satori.

If you had to select the three albums that mean the most to you; which would they be and why?

Kraftwerk Radioactivity

Gloria Estefan - Alma Caribeña 

Nitin Sawhney - Beyond Skin

I (just) simply love all three and have played them a million times!

What advice would you give to artists coming through right now? 

Find local fans and work your social media incredibly hard.


Do you have gigs coming up? Where can we come and catch you play?

The last two shows, as part of my Feel the Future Now U.K. tour, are in Brighton and Southampton.

In 2018, I will start my world tour.

Christmas is approaching. Do you all have plans already or will you be busy working?

I have plans to shoot a video in Spain for the next album.

Finally, and for being a good sport; you can name a song and I’ll play it here (not one of yours as I’ll do that).

I'm very much into Progressive-House. My current favourite track is Emi Galvan - Memo