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Gold Coast under her belt. She talks to me about moving from there to the U.K. and how life differs here. I ask her about the stunning new single, Gold Water, and her attachment to the ocean – her name derives from the Adriatic Sea. Gold Water is the hotly-anticipated follow-up to (2015’s) debut E.P., Shell. Adria discusses her musical rise and how much affected her from a young age.

I was curious to find out what the next step is and, in looking forward, a nod back to those artists that helped shape who she is.


Hi, Adria. How are you? How has your week been?

Hey! It’s been great, thank you.

I am so happy to be able to finally release Gold Water into the world!

For those new to your work; can you introduce yourself, please?

I’m a singer-songwriter from Australia - but I now live in London. I’m not quite sure what genre I fit into; so I’m just going to say ‘I write honest music’. Everything I write about is from personal experience. I’ve been writing music since I was super-young and I suppose that’s naturally evolved to who I am today and what I do.

Gold Water is your new single. Can you tell me about the song and how it came together?

The song was written in Sweden with music producers who I absolutely adore and are collectively known as Jane Rain. It started off as a beat and I just layered vocal ideas and melodies from until it felt right. The bones of the song were written quite quickly.

That usually happens with tracks I like the most.

The song follows a two-year break from music. What is the reason for the gap?

Life happened, I suppose.

I moved to London (from Australia) and went into hiding for a bit to travel; meet new people and experience new things.

I definitely got all that.

Was it natural returning to music or was it quite a long process putting Gold Water together?

No, it was very natural. Writing music is where I most feel like myself.

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Your name, ‘Adria’, is taken from the Adriatic Sea – your new song is about water. Do you have a connection to water/the sea? What is it about that setting that speaks to you?!

I’ve always had a deep connection with the ocean/the sea. I am unsure why that is the case, though. I was born in Perth, Australia - which is a coastal city - so I’ve always felt calm and at-peace whenever I’m surrounded by water.

My parents named me after the Adriatic Sea - which is probably quite fitting.

Even though you are based here; you were born in Australia. Why did you relocate over here?

I relocated for a change...

I don’t like to let myself get too comfortable or content - and I wanted new things to write about. 

As a teenager; you moved around a lot and spent time in various areas. Was music the solace and constant focus for you during this time?

Music has always, and will always be, my safe space and constant: it’s the one thing I know I can rely on no matter what is going on.


Tell me which musicians are most important to you? Who do you look up to in terms of the impact they have made in music?

Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes).

I think I listened to Two Suns on-repeat for a year; maybe, even two. She really taught me to have no boundaries and be a fearless and honest writer. I never knew that Pop music could truly be so creative and push the boundaries in the way that she did it. I love how involved she is in the writing process of her music and artistry.

That’s really important to me.

Is there going to be an E.P. next year, perhaps?

I hope so!

Which new artists do you recommend we check out?

I’m loving a rapper that goes by the name 6LACK.



If you had to select the three albums that mean the most to you; which would they be and why?

Bat for LashesTwo Suns

Mariah CareyMusic Box

I had this album on-repeat for years when I was only just a child - so I could learn how to sing.

Amy WinehouseBack to Black

Her music was really something special. The honesty in her lyrics gets me every time.


What advice would you give to artists coming through right now?

Keep doing what you love.

Christmas is approaching. Do you all have plans already or will you be busy working?

I will, most likely, be working!

Finally, and for being a good sport; you can name a song and I’ll play it here (not one of yours as I’ll do that).

Amy WinehouseLove Is a Losing Game


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