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Monday’s Child


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The Motivation Playlist


I am unsure whether I will put another piece out today…


but I am keen, soon, to explore the way musicals have changed and whether there should be more music-based musicals – those that look at the story and history of a particular band/artist. I also want to put out another piece that addresses the value of music and whether a lack of money going into the industry will affect it in the long-term. There will be interviews and other assortments but, prior to another depressing week at work; we all need a little boost and pep before throwing ourselves back into things. I have looked around for some pumping, blood-heating songs that will get the soul relaxed - and keep the mood lifted at the very least! Without further ado...a collection of songs that will retain the best of the weekend and hold back suggestions of Monday as much…


AS conceivably possible.