FEATURE: Sonic Proof: Volume II: Before the Return to Work: Fantastic Artists to Watch




Sonic Proof: Volume II


IN THIS PHOTO: Another Sky/PHOTO CREDIT: Another Sky

Before the Return to Work: Fantastic Artists to Watch


I am doing a few different segments of...


 IN THIS PHOTO: Billie Marten/PHOTO CREDIT: Lauren McDermott

this feature because, so often, there are songs that skim me by and I do not have time to get on top of them. Among the throng today is some beautiful Folk and some tender Soul. It is wonderful mining these great artists and putting them together in a fantastic blend. These are all acts I believe need full attention and will be huge artists very soon. Earlier, I looked at some bright artists that are perfect for the Bank Holiday and, as we prepare to head back to work tomorrow, here is another batch of brilliance that should give you all the necessary sonic and emotional components you need. I think there is so much brilliance and boldness out there in music that, so often, you are overcome by it all. I am going to keep this feature going because there is so much wonderful new stuff popping up. I want to try and get as much as it down as possible! I will do another instalment tomorrow but, for now, here is a playlist to...

 IN THIS PHOTO: Sons of Kemet/PHOTO CREDIT: Pierrick Guidou

GET you jumping.