FEATURE: Sonic Proof: Volume III: Tuesday’s Children: Fantastic Artists to Watch




Sonic Proof: Volume III


Tuesday’s Children: Fantastic Artists to Watch


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 IN THIS IMAGE: allusinlove/ART CREDIT: Michael Boucher 

I have compiled artists from all around the music globe. These are peeps who are either rising or just under the radar at the moment; some are bigger and more established. In any case, they are all fantastic and deserve a lot of respect. It is amazing how many truly brilliant artists there are away from the mainstream; the sort that is not often featured in the charts – we need to put more focus on these musicians, rather than what is commercial and obvious. Let’s hope that things do change and we get more quality coming through this/next year. This selection of artists, I believe are primed for huge things next year and will be dominating music very soon. I am sure there is loads in this playlist that will tickle your fancy so have a good listen and take in as much as possible. It is an assortment of artists who are perfect as we all make our way…

 IN THIS PHOTO: Marika Hackman/PHOTO CREDIT: Steve Gullick

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